Honey, it’s good for you

Honey, It's the Bees Knees

Honey, it’s good for you and it’s NOT just for breakfast anymore ¬†ūüėČ

Do you that HONEY is the ONLY food that NEVER spoils and it has numerous health benefits? It truly is a super-food. Honey is a natural source of carbs which gives our bodies energy and strength and reduces muscle fatigue. The glucose is absorbed quickly to give you an immediate energy boost while the fructose is absorbed slowly to provide sustained energy. So in the morning when you’re dragging, take a small spoonful of honey plain, on toast or add it to your tea or coffee instead of sugar.

Give honey¬†to your children who may be finding it hard to cope with school and extra activities. You can add it to their sandwiches or drinks to give them extra energy naturally. Peanut Butter and honey, is yummy. A spoonful before bed will help your child get optimal sleep. DO NOT GIVE an infant younger than a year old honey. Their systems can’t handle the Clostridium Bacteria which can be present in honey but older children’s bodies are usually able to handle this bacteria.

Honey has been found to keep blood sugar levels consistent compared to other sugars. I’ve been using honey for a few years instead of sugar and other non-natural sweeteners in my tea and more and it’s been one of the best changes I have made and yes, I am diabetic. It’s not only healthy for you but it’s delicious. I have found Organic honey at my local BJ’s Wholesale Club so look for it at your local wholesale stores and save a LOT. If you can’t find it ask if they can carry it. BJ’s Wholesale Club has been bringing in a lot of organic foods for good prices.

Honey is a powerful immune booster. ¬†It’s an antioxidant and antibacterial that can help to fight disease and improve the digestive system. ¬†It also contains carcinogen-preventing and anti-tumor properties. Studies have shown it can also help in prevention of tumors and cancers.

Honey has been used for thousands of years as the #1 Natural Home Remedy. ¬†It helps to prevent yeast infections, arthritis pain and athlete foot. ¬†It’s a natural antiseptic that¬†inhibits bacteria from growing and keeps wounds free of infection and helps if you have a sore throat or cold. ¬†Click here to get¬†a¬†great recipe to help you sleep. ¬†Honey’s is an anti-inflammatory which helps to lessen swelling and pain.

It’s also good to¬†help¬†rid you from a hangover because the sugar speeds up the oxidation of the alcohol by the liver. Make a hangover remedy¬†by mixing honey, orange juice and yogurt until smooth and enjoy.

Honey used in moderation can help to keep you healthy naturally. ¬†Here’s a few tips on buying honey:

Be sure to get a¬†good quality honey.¬† You want¬† to be sure the honey hasn‚Äôt been processed or heated.¬† The pasteurization process kills unwanted bacteria‚Ķ. BUT as I mentioned above, honey is an anti-bacterial so we DON‚ÄĚT want to do this.¬† When you heat honey, the excessive temperature destroys the healthy enzymes as well as the pollen, royal jelly and propolis that come naturally in it.¬† ¬†¬†So, if you pasteurize the honey it‚Äôs MUCH LESS¬†healthy and you won‚Äôt enjoy the benefits.

Look for “Raw, Unfiltered”¬†honey. ¬†You want to¬†see the pollen and little things floating in the honey and if it’s solid it’s even better.¬† I’ve noticed that raw honey solidifies¬†& crystallizes quicker than fake store bought honeys. ¬†So don‚Äôt be scared that it‚Äôs old or something is wrong with it.¬† This is NATURAL.¬† The honey you buy in the store has been processed and sugars and water have been added, NOT GOOD!

You can desolidify the honey by placing it in warm water or just scoop it out and put it in your¬†tea or wherever you’re using it. ¬†YUMMMM.

“Let food be thy Medicine” – Hippocrates

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