Men, EXERCISE can help Nocturia

Men, Trouble sleeping through the night? It may be Nocturia

Could Nocturia be keeping you up?

Could Nocturia be keeping you up?

If your a man who has to get up several times through out the night because you have to urinate, you may have an enlarged prostate.  This is called Nocturia and it’s a common symptom of benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

It usually begins when you hit middle age, and 90% of men have it by the time they are 80.  Although it’s hard to avoid BPH, you can make changes to avoid nocturia so you’re not up all night running to the bathroom.



Start an exercise program today no matter what your age.  It won’t necessarily prevent BPH but studies have shown that exercise can delay it’s development and help to keep symptoms (nocturia) to a minimum, if BPH sets in.  Easy exercises include bicycling, walking and jogging and seemed to make a difference to the degree of severity and whether nocturia developed related to BPH.


Men who got at least an hour of exercise a week were 35% less like to have to get up to urinate two or more times a night than those who had gotten less exercise during the week.

The men who developed BPH during the study and had been exercising at least an hour a week were 13% on average less likely to have nocturia than those who were inactive.  It didn’t seem to matter if they got 1 or 4+ hours or exercise, the results were similar.

For those who already had nocturia and got at least an hour of exercise were 34%, on average, less likely to have to get up more than twice a night.  The study also showed that men who had nocturia and got 3 hours of exercise during the week were 43% less likely to have to get up at least twice a night where those only getting an one hour a week were 25% less likely to get up more than twice. Conclusion… a little more exercise during the week IS helpful.

Men who had been and stayed actively exercising at least since their 40s had a lesser chance of getting nocturia than those who never exercised.  But if you start now you could help protect yourself, it’s never to late.


We all have heard that exercise helps many problems.  It helps us keep our sugars in control, lose weight, lowers stress levels, reduces inflammation keeping our joints working properly and has many more benefits.  Now we can add one more.  Some of these things have an impact on nocturia.  By being more active during the day, it may help your bladder be less active when you want to sleep.

So begin that exercise program today and you will do your body good.

Source: Study titled “Physical Activity and Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia-Related Outcomes and Nocturia,” by researchers in the department of public health sciences and surgery, Loyola University, published in Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise.