Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

The BEST Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

This Cherry Chocolate Smoothie is one of my favorite breakfasts.  Actually it doesn’t just have to be for breakfast, it’s great anytime. It has approximately 450 calories so it’s a good meal if you decide you want to try the alternating fasting diet.  

Here’s a hint:  I buy my cherries, kale, flaxseed and chia at BJ’s.  They carry many Organic, non-GMO, foods at a GREAT price.  The cherries are frozen and pitted which is very convenient.  I chop the kale and freeze it as well as freezing both the seeds, they last a long time this way.

To save time, I mix a small container with half the chia seeds and half the flaxseed.  I keep everything together in the freezer making it easy to find what I need to put together this smoothie in just few minutes.

Don’t be afraid to experiment.  I sometimes use fat free, organic vanilla yogurt,  in place of the Greek Yogurt.  I like to add Chia seeds in place of half the flaxseed.  Or try vanilla almond or coconut milk.  Play around with the recipe to make this YOU and your families favorite healthy recipe.

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Cherry Chocolate Smoothie

Let us know how you like this or what changes you have tried.

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