Benefits of Coconut Oil

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Benefits of Coconut Oil

Do you know about all the benefits of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil?  There are so many uses for it and it’s made a comeback as an ultra-healing superfood.

Nothing found in a laboratory can beat what’s found in nature.  The coconut is rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins.  Funny how Filipinos and other islanders ate and used the meat, milk and coconut oil daily and

Coconut Oil

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

rarely had any of the conditions many of us suffer from such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer.  They spend time in the sun every day with almost NO skin cancer and only good health.

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has been shown to protect us from infection, cancer, viruses, bacteria, thyroid, heart problems and even helps to burn fat.  It was given a bad rap for many years, but as I learn more, it seems we told that many things that are good for us are bad.  I believe it’s the big pharma trying to get rich off disease.  There’s no money in health or those who choose to cure and prevent through natures pharmacy.  Of course, that’s my personal opinion.

Here are some ideas to put your oil to good use naturally.


This is an ancient technique also called “kavala”.  Swish about 1 Tablespoon liquid Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil inside your mouth for about 5-20 minutes and don’t swallow.  This is said to kill harmful bacteria and improve dental health.

Body Scrub

Combined a half cup Liquefied Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and a handful of Course Salt or Sugar in an airtight jar.  Add a few drops of essential Oil for fragrance, if you like.  Orange is uplifting or try lavender for a nice calming smell.  Use when showering to exfoliate your skin and the coconut oil acts as a moisturizer that will last after the grains have melted away.

Makeup Remover

Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil is great for breaking up water-resistant ingredients used in mascara and eye shadows.  You can apply it right on your face or I like to use a cotton pad to swipe it over my face after making it liquid.  The makeup will be gone and the coconut oil will leave your face soft and refreshed.


Use coconut oil on cracked hands as a moisturizer.  Just rub it in as you would any lotion.  Just put a little in your palm and it will liquefy from your body heat.

Use in place of other cooking oils

Studies have shown that people who ate 2 tablespoons of coconut oil decreased abdominal fat compared to those who used soybean oil.  The coconut oil group also increased their good “HDL” cholesterol.   Coconut oil can also make you feel full longer, increase your energy and boost your metabolism helping you to lose weight.

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