Lemon Essential Oil

I use the Lemon, Wild orange and other essential oils every day. I start my day off with Lemon, as it’s a natural diuretic.  I’ve been drinking it every day for about 30 years. Now I like to use doTerra Lemon Essential Oil because it’s above organic grade. I add 3-4 drops in some warm water each morning and it tastes GREAT!

Lemon for Your Body and Home

It’s good to help cleanse both your body and home naturally.  Try it when cooking, if you have allergies, gout, when sick use with other oils.   Watch below to learn more…..

Lemon helps to make your house smell clean and fresh when used in your natural cleaning product, such as window cleaner, on counters as well as in your diffuser.  Use lemon to clean your microwave. Just add water and some lemon to a coffee cup.  Place in the microwave for 2 minutes or so and then let is sit closed for a few minutes.  Wipe out your microwave and it will be clean and smelling fresh.


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