Lessen the Length of a Cold

Fall is almost here and so is cold season. Here’s a few things you can do to lessen the length of the cold. As soon as you start to feel sick or come in contact with someone who’s sick, take a zinc lozenges (75 milliliter per day every day) within 24 hours. I also double up on Vitamin C every day (at least 800 Milligrams) until I feel better.

Gargle with warm salt water for a sore throat, try warm water with honey for a cough. I add Eucalyptus Essential oil to boiling water and put a towel over my head to breathe in when I’m congested. Peppermint Essential Oil is also good to breathe as it helps to relieve headaches caused by congestion. Don’t forget the old favorite, Chicken Soup to help with congestion and nourishment. Drink plenty of water to help break up mucus and keep you hydrated.

To sleep I also make a Hot Todie (not sure of the spelling) just before bed. I make hot tea, honey, splash of lemon and some Grand Marnier (or I guess any liquor that would taste good) It will help you sleep and sweat out the cold. Tastes good to!

I stay away from cold medicine as it seems to just mask the symptoms and your body doesn’t fight the cold on it’s own naturally making your cold last longer.

Feel better and here’s to your health.

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