Short Term Memory Boost

Here’s a Fun Way to Boost Your Short-Term Memory

Are you realizing that you’re short term memory isn’t what it used to be?  Do you forget where you left your keys?  Walk into a room and not remember why (I do this ALL the time)?

This begins to happen to us as early as our 40s but don’t worry, it’s normal.  But there is a simple solution that can help improve your memory.  What you may ask?  Laughter.

You know the old saying “Laughter is the best medicine” well now it’s good for your memory too.  The reason?  Stress.  When stressed the brain’s hippocampus function (where short term memory is pulled together) is suppressed.  When you laugh you’re less stressed which in turn leads to better learning and better short term memory.

Just 20 minutes may help to improve your ability to remember what you’ve recently read or heard, researchers found at Loma Linda University in California.  None of the tested participants had any cognitive impairment, were all the same age and half of them had diabetes, which contributes to short term memory loss.

Here’s one of my favorite clips from I Love Lucy, Vitameatavegamin.

Before and after watching funny movies or video clips and a control group that sat in silence, they all took 3 different tests.  First, they were asked to repeat as many words as they could remember from a list of 15 that were read to them, a test of learning.  They did this 5 times each.  Then they were read another list and asked to remember the words from the first list, a test of recall.

Lastly, a test of visual recognition, where they received 50 words on a paper and asked to circle the words they remembered from the first list.  They also tested their saliva 5 times during the tests for a stress hormone called cortisol.

The results were that laughter worked.  The test subjects that watched the funny videos had a significant decrease in their cortisol levels and ALL the groups did better on the tests, even sitting quietly without any stress helped.

Healthy Adults Diabetics Silent, Control Group
Learning Test 39% 33% 24%
Recall Test 44% 48% 20%
Visual Recognition 13% 17% 8%

This is great news and an easy way to boost your short-term memory.  So go out laugh with friends, get a funny movie or watch one on your computer.  What is your favorite funny movie or video clip?  Tell us below in the comment box.

One more old favorite, especially starting at 17:45 of the clip.  Enjoy and stay Stress free!

Source: Grinder Singh Bains, MD, PhD, assistant professor and primary research coordinator, Loma Linda University School of Allied Health Professions, Loma Linda, California. His study was published in Alternative Therapies.

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