Vinegar for a Healthy Home

Vinegar for a Healthy Home

Did you know that Vinegar is one of the best multi-task products you can have in your kitchen? Just add three parts vinegar to one part water in a recycled spray bottle. This is a GREAT cleaner for your stainless steel, windows and counters. I like to add a few drops of On Guard not only because it smells good but it can help to kill bacteria, viruses and mold. Keeping your home healthy will help to keep you and your family healthy too.

Vinegar for a healthy home

We’ve all spilled that greasy juice from beef, turkey and more on the floor and counters. Well here’s a simple way to get rid of it. Just squirt your vinegar mixture on the area and wipe up. You’ll not only get rid of the greasy messy but the area will be disinfected as well. It’s the BEST grease cutting kitchen cleaner.

Don’t you hate when you take out a glass from your cabinet and it’s covered with water spots left behind from soap? Again, take out your water/vinegar mix, spritz, rinse and wipe to make your glasses sparkle.

Did you know that this solution can kill fruit fly’s and ants? But no worries, it’s completely safe for your family and pets. Give them a squirt & then wipe them away. If you have an area that they hang around in such as under your cabinets, spray the area and let it dry. DO NOT wipe it off, that should keep those little critters away.

Remove sticky residue and stickers from items you just bought or from any surface for that matter. Just spritz the sticker, let it sit a minute then wipe off.

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